Focus Areas

The features of this packages are structured around three key resources and with these three considerations in mind, I can build out a realistic, achievable plan for the project.



Different businesses have different histories - some have been around for generations, some are brand new. My approach to branding your business is unique to you, and is rooted in the efforts I make to to understand your and audience, and the best way to represent yourself to them.


History of Your Brand

I’ll start by auditing your existing brand, by reviewing current and past materials. What’s already working? What’s getting in your way? What needs to be rethought?



Landscape Analysis

It’s important to have a sense of how other businesses that serve your audience present themselves. I’ll help you find a balance between differentiating your business and not alienating people who want to hear what you have to say. RRADISH Design will work with you to make sure your branding will help you stand out and be listened to.