Gratz Industries / Pilates / by Sukari Keetin

Role: Creative Direction, Branding, Visual Identity & Website Design (Ecommerce)

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Gratz Industries has worked with the following designers, architects, and sculptors: Joseph Pilates, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Donald Deskey, Raymond Loewy, Marcel Breuer, Isamu Noguchi, Alexander Liberman, I.M. Pei, Richard Meier, Philip Johnson, Massimo Vignelli, Hugh Hardy, Donald Judd, Walter De Maria, Forrest Myers, Nicos Zographos, Sol LeWitt, Robert Indiana, Barnett Newman, Liam Gillick, John C. Portman Jr., Maya Lin, Dakota Jackson, Robert Rauschenberg, Santiago Calatrava, Deborah Berke, Diane Lewis, William Katavolos, Ross F. Littell and Douglas Kelly.

This legacy of high end fabrication and tradition continued with Frank's son Donald Gratz who applied his engineering and metalworking expertise working closely with Romana Kryzanowska in the late 1960's. The collaboration with Romana resulted in the preservation of the dimensions and proportions critical to the correct functions of the Pilates apparatus. Thanks to this relationship Gratz has maintained a fidelity to Joseph Pilates original vision by fabricating apparatus with unerring craftsmanship and exacting specifications which continues today.



"I know this first exercise as Climb Down the Mountain on the Wunda Chair. I love this exercise because it isn't about what is moving, rather more about what isn't moving. When done well, the whole body is working. The hips are steady and aligned, while the pedal is being pumped."

- Blossom Leilani Crawford on Wunda Chair    
Gratz Gallery Series


"From the beginning of my Pilates practices I have used Gratz equipment. It’s what I know and I feel confident with it and I trust the quality. I appreciate the respect of the makers to the authentic Pilates apparatus made by Joseph Pilates and Donald Gratz. I’m happy to be a pioneer in bringing Gratz to Prague.

Instructors and clients alike can feel the Gratz difference as soon as they use the equipment for the first time. Every spring provides the perfect marriage of strength and smoothness. The maintenance level is very low and our equipment has held up amazingly well. We want our clients to have access to the highest quality Pilates equipment to help them better achieve their fitness goals."

- Jérémie Perroud, owner and instructor of True Pilates Prague
Gratz Featured Studio Series