Great design adds value to your small business by showcasing the quality and care you put into your products or services.

RRADISH Design offers two branding packages to provide you with the perfect solution to your design needs. Each package is designed to meet you where you are today while preparing you for where you want to take your business tomorrow. Together, let’s create an authentic identity that speaks to the quality of your business.


Branding Packages

The Essentials

Timeline: 4 Week Design Process

Ideal for established small businesses looking to expand their branding beyond just their logo and business cards, or online shops who need more than just one logo design for all their print branding needs.

With 3 variations, custom brand patterns or textures, social media pieces, and 3 additional brand collateral items, you’ll receive a full collection of brand assets to elevate and expand your small business’ recognition, both online and offline.

The Basics

Timeline: 3 Week Design Process

Perfect for the minimalist small business owner looking to build brand consistency but doesn’t require the magnitude of the larger Brand Essentials Package.

This package provides you with the most important brand basics to get your small business moving and growing with consistency and confidence in your brand’s visual identity. With brand development at the core of our business, I act as more than just your design team but brand consultants and soundboards for any ideas or questions you might have about your brand’s design or development.


Brand Development

The features of this packages are structured around three key resources and with these three considerations in mind, I can build out a realistic, achievable plan for the project.


Different businesses have different histories - some have been around for generations, some are brand new. My approach to branding your business is unique to you, and is rooted in the efforts I make to to understand your and audience, and the best way to represent yourself to them.

History of Your Brand
I’ll start by auditing your existing brand, by reviewing current and past materials. What’s already working? What’s getting in your way? What needs to be rethought?.

Landscape Analysis
It’s important to have a sense of how other businesses that serve your audience present themselves. I’ll help you find a balance between differentiating your business and not alienating people who want to hear what you have to say. RRADISH Design will work with you to make sure your branding will help you stand out and be listened to.

Two 1-Hour Brand Design Strategy Sessions
Two one-on-one one (1) hour brand design strategy sessions to discuss in detail what makes your brand unique and how to convey that through your own authentic brand visual identity and marketing materials.

Brand Inspiration Board Collaboration
Collaboration on a custom brand inspiration moodboard to help visually cultivate your ideal tone and mood that I will work to create through your new brand’s identity.

Thorough Brand Identity Questionnaire
From your brand’s background, your ideal clients, past design experiences and beyond, this questionnaire helps the analytical business owner who might not be as design-minded communicate what they need from their new brand and what they love.

Brand Inspiration Board Collaboration
Uniting your Brand Identity Questionnaire and your Inspiration Board, I will create a custom style guide that addresses everything from a custom brand color palette, typography pairings, tone, mood, and design aesthetic.

Brand & Logo Design

Primary Logo Design
This is the core logo of your brand and should be the primary design used whenever possible. This is the design your brand will be recognized by and will include your full business name, any tagline or additional text, and possibly a brand icon if necessary.

Two (2) Secondary Logo Variations
Along with the primary logo design, I will create two complementary variations in alternative shapes to help maximize the opportunities for you to use your branding. These alternative marks are designed to complement your primary logo and are often simplified versions or alternative designs so that you can use them in unique ways, separate from the primary.

Custom Brand Icon
A custom brand icon is a great way to create a unique image or graphic to use when a space is too small for your other logo variations. This customized mark is great for small social profiles like Instagram where your image is so small, text can get lost, or stickers, stamps, and other print marketing materials.

Business Card Design
No matter how online a business might be, there is nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth marketing, so I include a custom Business Card design in each of my brand packages. It includes the front (single name side), and up to 3 unique backside designs to help you market your business.

Social Media Cover & Square Profile Photo Design
Knowing the importance of a consistent Social Media presence, you’ll receive a custom Social Media cover photo for the platform of your choice (Facebook or LinkedIn) as well as a square cropped logo Profile photo to use on any or all your social profiles so that your brand is consistent from platform to platform.

Custom Brand Pattern Or Texture
Depending on what will be best for your brand, I’ll design a custom brand texture or pattern to use for any marketing or promotional needs. These pieces are excellent for any social media, website design, or marketing needs where a subtle but branded element is needed for your designs.

**Choice Of Three (3) Additional Brand Collateral Items
You get to choose three (3) additional brand collateral items to include in your brand package. Options include: Branded letterhead, Single Page Resume, Post Card, Note Dard, Gift Certificate, Sticker Design, Rubber Stamp Design, or Postage Stamp Design.


**Indicates this feature is only available in The Essentials Brand Package

Brand Standards

Final Print & Web Ready Files In All Popular File Formats
All of your final design files in AI, SVG, EPS, JPG, PDF, and PNG file formats, as well as an all black, all white, and color version of your logos, as well as a logo usage guide to help you know what files to use and where for the best brand presence.

Custom Brand Style Guide
A detailed guide breaking down the guidelines, styles, and usage instructions for your new brand to help you use each image and logo in the most impactful way possible. Includes color codes, typography styling, and your brand moodboard for brand styling reference.


Sound like the perfect brand package for you or do you need a website too?

Combine any of my brand design packages with any of my website design packages for a complete full design package, customized to meet your business’s needs. Contact me today to schedule your free design consultation.


Small Business Website

Perfect for established small businesses needing an online presence and information based resource for customers with a Home, About, Contact, Standard Blog, and 3 additional internal information pages.

eCommerce Website

Perfect for established service-based small businesses needing any eCommerce functionality. Includes all of our Small Business Website package items, as well as all eCommerce website set-up, custom Shop Design, Custom Product page design for both simple and variable products.