Sukari Keetin is a designer and art director in Philadelphia, PA.
Her work includes Brand Identity / Strategy / Art Direction / Visual Design.

Since 2013, Sukari Keetin has been putting effort into projects that will create the highest impact and most value for growing brands. On the brand strategy side to pinpoint their niche and to determine a cohesive visual aesthetic, and on the design side to establish the identity and create cohesive branding across all touch points, print to digital.

As an entrepreneur herself, Sukari is passionate about working with businesses that add value or otherwise contribute a unique perspective to the world.


Visual Identity / Concept Development / Art Direction / Editorial Design / Packaging Design / Print Production / Social Media Concepting & Strategy / UI/UX /Website Design / Mobile Design
Signage / Illustration



01. Discovery | Perspective
Unveiling The Essence And Removing The Noise

I need to understand the problem before I can begin to think about solutions. Before I jump into production, I make sure that I have understood everything correctly – and that I’m coming from the right perspective to deliver a solution. Initial research, maybe some fieldwork and perhaps a workshop with you are the most common ways of getting the perspective I need. Taking the time to get it right at this stage will save countless hours (and lots of money!) later in the project.

02. Design | Production
Generating Concepts And Pushing the Boundaries

This part is, well, production. I get the stuff done, and get it out there. Once the project goals are clear and both our teams are onboard, I begin to execute the plans we’ve agreed on – bringing craftsmanship to the table, shaping your brand’s new reality. I always insist that the results be launched in as small increments as possible, in order to collect real user feedback at an early stage.

03. Refine | Evaluation
When It Makes Sense

Is it working? This is a daunting question and designers often avoid asking it, because they are afraid of the answer. I’m not. Success comes only after continual evaluation of what works and what doesn’t. Let’s have the guts to be honest with ourselves and be willing to quickly change tactics if that’s what it takes to achieve results.