Fashion: Sound Waves


Show credits: Press: Nicolas Delarue | Karla Otto Paris Styling: Patti Wilson Casting: Maida Boina Collaborating sound artists: Kazuya Nagaya & Salvador Breed Creative consultant: Jeffy Stafford Make-up: Isamaya Ffrench | MAC Cosmetics Hair: Martin Cullen | Bumble & Bumble Choreography: Nanine Linning Shoes in collaboration with Julia Lundsten |

Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen presented her latest works as both fashion runway and installation at L’Oratoire du Louvre in Paris. Iris Van Herpen called upon Japanese musician Kazuya Nagoya to create a soundscape manifestation of the central couture concept, making use of the east Asian singing bowl instrument.

The latest collection concerns itself thematically with cymatics, the study of visualising sound waves, making use of such evolving, oscillating patterns as motifs and structural forms throughout the garments. Geometry and symmetry feature heavily, liberally recalling the forms of fossils, crystals, waves and water.
Article by Jamie Green, Thursday 14 July 2016
Images by Iris Van Herpen: Seijaku